Undergraduate Minor

The materials science and engineering minor at UNT requires a total of 18 semester credit hours. Please refer to the Undergraduate Adviser for any specific questions you may have about the Materials minor.  Also see the UNT Undergraduate Catalog for more information.


  • MTSE 3000 - Engineering Materials
  • Plus 15 hours of materials science and engineering courses, at least 6 of which should be chosen from the four core courses (below)

Core courses

  • MTSE 3010 - Bonding and Structure
  • MTSE 3030 - Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams. 3 hours
  • MTSE 3050 - Mechanical Properties of Materials
  • MTSE 3070 - Electrical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials

The remaining hours can be from any other 3000- or 4000-level materials science engineering courses. Refer to undergraduate course syllabi.

Note: The prerequisite of MFET 2100 for MTSE 3000 or ENGR 3450 is waived for students registering for a minor in materials science and engineering; however, the other prerequisites for MTSE 3000 or ENGR 3450 (CHEM 1410/CHEM 1430, MATH 1710 and PHYS 1710) must be completed by students registering for the minor in materials sciences and engineering.