Research Seminars

  • Dr. Amy V. Walker
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas
    Building a New Materials Toolkit: Using Surface Chemistry to Direct the Morphology and Deposition of Thin Films and Nanoobjects
    Discovery Park F285
  • John F. Curry
    Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Structural, Environmental and Mechanochemical Interactions in Solid Lubricants
    Discovery Park B155
  • William D. Nix
    Stanford University
    Growth and characterization of single-crystalline and bi-crystalline thin films for reliability studies, with introductory comments on the history of MSE at Stanford
    Discovery Park B155
  • Rigoberto Advincula
    University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    3D Printing High Performance and Nanostructured Polymer Materials
    Discovery Park B155
  • Christopher G. Arges
    Department of Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University
    Electrochemistry at the Macromolecular Level with Self-assembled Block Copolymers
    Discovery Park B155
  • Othmane Benafan
    Materials Research Engineer
    NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH
    Shape Memory Alloy Adaptive Technologies for Aeronautics and Space Applications
    Discovery Park B155
  • Jaimie Tiley
    Program Officer
    Multiscale Structural Mechanics Portfolio, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
    Impact of Changing Design Requirements on Fundamental Structural Material Mechanics
    Discovery Park B155
  • George Pharr
    TEES Eminent Professor, Member of National Academy of Engineering
    Materials Science and Engineering Department, Texas A&M University
    A brief history of nanoindentation - and a little more
    Discovery Park B155