Welcome Message From the Chair

Department Chair Dr. Vijay Vasudevan

All of the products we use in everyday life from the simplest implement to the most sophisticated devices require materials that provide specific functionalities. Materials underpin new technologies in all areas of engineering, and are therefore critical for modern society and human progression. Materials often go unnoticed, but provide the backbone of all technologies ranging from advanced alloys for jet engines to semiconductors for electronic and optical devices that support the digital age, new battery materials for electric vehicles, to materials for biomedical implants. Our Department of Materials Science and Engineering creates new materials, improves existing ones, and develops new applications.

At UNT our strength is underpinned by our commitment to excellence in student engagement, teaching and research. We integrate our research with teaching, and provide ample opportunities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to learn from experienced faculty through hands-on laboratory work. Our faculty research covers a broad portfolio and includes structural alloys, radiation resilient glasses, materials for wear, corrosion, medical implants, additive manufacturing, electronic materials for sensors, transistors, optoelectronics and energy conversion.  In short, whatever your specific materials interest, at UNT you will find a home at a Tier 1 research university with excellent research facilities, exceptional faculty mentoring and teaching, and superb opportunities to develop as a scientist-engineer.

We invite you to peruse our site, and hope you will join us in our mission to create the future. Our faculty and staff look forward to welcoming you into our department.


Vijay Vasudevan
Department Chair