Andrey Voevodin

Welcome to MSE Department website!

I am happy to reach out to you and invite to explore our department, which continues on the growth trajectory with excellence in education and research since the department started in 1996.

Our undergraduate program has grown to over 100 enrolled students with all of our BS graduates finding exciting jobs in industry or continuing toward graduate studies at UNT and universities nationwide. Enrollment in our GradTrack pathway, a five year BS+MS fast track program for exceptional seniors, is also growing steadily, allowing some of our most talented and bright undergraduates to continue in our graduate program.  Our student organizations continue to be very active. Chapters of Materials Advantage and Society for Women Engineers actively attend national professional events and serve as great advocates for our undergraduate program.

The department’s graduate program maintains the steady stream of high quality MTSE doctoral and masters graduates. In 2018, we graduated 8 PhD and 16 MS students, who found jobs in industry, academia, and national laboratories. Our graduate students are active in national and international conferences, and we are very proud that a number were recognized receiving presentation or society awards.  Last year alone, our graduate student population of over 60 PhD students and over 20 MS students have published 140 peer reviewed papers coauthored with their thesis advisors and collaborators in national laboratories and industry, where they also find summer internship opportunities. We are delighted to have NSF and DoD SMART fellowship awardees among our former and current students.  Because of our amazing students and advising faculty, we are among the most research productive departments, supporting UNT’s Carnegie Tier One Research Institution designation.

Our research portfolio includes comprehensive research areas spanning from structural alloys and composite materials to materials for sensors, optoelectronics, energy conversion, medical implants, radiation resilient glasses, wear, corrosion and erosion protection. The 2018 research awards of our department totaled ~$7M. The department faculty took leadership roles in the university and college initiatives to open an Additive Manufacturing Laboratory with a focused research in metal 3D printing and specialized training that provides a unique examination of this exciting field and its future development.  We continue to extend extensive collaborative efforts with our DoD and DoE partners in energy coupled material processing, protective armor, light weight shelters and radiation protection, while also expanding flexible electronics, biosensors and optoelectronics research areas. Our strong involvement with the Army Research Laboratory South Campus has spawned many collaborative projects. The department faculty research continues to win awards from NSF, DoE, Army and Air Force organizations and industry.

On behalf of my dynamic and vibrant team of faculty, staff and students, I invite you to follow us through our website and posted news stream to learn more about our research, education programs, student and faculty recognitions, and collaborative opportunities.


Andrey Voevodin