Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Marcus Young
Dr. Marcus Young is the undergraduate advisor. He can provide course selection advise, career guidance, etc.

Dr. Marcus Young began serving as the Associate Department Chair for the Undergraduate Program in 2014. He prides himself on training students at the undergraduate level in all aspects of modern materials science and engineering. He cares about your success and will:

  • Help you select courses for your degree plan
  • Provide you with career guidance and advice
  • Help you find jobs or internships through his strong ties with industry, government, and academia both locally and throughout the world.

Please let him know of your interest in our program during the first semester of your freshman year.  For more information about MTSE, email him at marcus.young@unt.edu.

For an idea of what your advising session will lead to, download our Example 4-Year Undergraduate Degree Plan.

As a UNT student, you are required to complete a degree audit in order to graduate.  For more information on when and how to complete one, visit the College of Engineering Degree Audit page.