Pawan Nerusu (MS 2006)

Pawan Nerusu

Hyderabad, India

Current position:
Senior Metallurgical Engineer, C&J Energy, Houston, Texas

Interesting Experiences:
While he was at Bodycote, he was asked to set up operations in India where the company had no office or even a bank account. Pawan quickly learned that it was most efficient to merge with an existing Indian company than build from nothing. "Over the next several months we worked on transitioning to Bodycote. From payroll to billing and shipping, I had to learn everything. During the process I learned the overview of the entire busi-ness and operations. I had to work in areas where I had no prior experience and had to learn everything on the fly. For example, I had to change HR policies and setup safety-training procedures. I had to bring significant change to the company's culture, which can be risky, but that turned out to be the best job of my life." (Candance Allison, Stainless Steel World America, August 2015)

"Not every school or even every department has this type of individualized support that the Materials Science and Engineering department at UNT provided for me."