Heather Dunn (BS 2016)

Heather Dunn

Thomasville, Alabama

Current position:
Nelson Forensics, Associate

Interesting Experiences:
I was not a typical student re-turning to school when I transferred to UNT. I was a few years older with work experience within the banking and insurance industry. This work experience provided me with knowledge and drive to finally complete my degree in Materials Science and Engineering. I understood the importance of working hard and building professional relationships. I also understood that internships and/or co-ops were essential within engineering to determine what you wanted to do post-graduation, as well as what you did not want to do. In school, you need to learn your fundamentals and essentially build your "toolbox". Internships and/or co-ops are great path-ways to real-world experience.

How did your time at UNT help you with your career?
I was surprised and humbled by the willingness of my professors to not only assist with class-related work, but also professional, long-term goals. Not every school or even every department has this type of individualized support that the Materials Science and Engineering de-partment at UNT provided for me. My time at UNT was instrumental in positioning me into my current career with Nelson Forensics. The Materials Science and Engineering department at UNT has a diverse group of professors with both international and industry experience, and are easily assessable and willing to discuss long-term goals with students. The insight and perspective from these professors allowed me to not only receive a premium education, but also build relationships with businesses and professionals within and outside UNT.