UNT engineering professor leading multi-institutional team using AI to speed up alloy design

Dr. Yufeng Zheng and graduate student Deepak Pillai working in the UNT Materials Research Facility

Yufeng Zheng, associate professor in Materials Science and Engineering and associate director of UNT’s Materials Research Facility, is collaborating with researchers from the University of Michigan and Arizona State University to expand on current knowledge of alloy discovery and speed up the process with the help of artificial intelligence. The project is part of the U.S. National Science Foundation’s DMREF program meant to encourage research that takes advantage of data and computational tools to advance materials design.

Alloys are components made of a mix of metals used to craft thousands of items from engines and aircraft bodies to kitchen utensils and doorknobs. The teams will help in the discovery of new ultrastrong and ultraelastic alloys that can be used in multiple industries, including aerospace and aviation, automotive manufacturing and biomedical devices.

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