Rick F. Reidy

University Distinguished Teaching Professor
Associate Department Chair
Discovery Park E108
  • Biography

    Ph.D., Penn State, Metals Science and Engineering, 1992
       Thesis: Defect Structure and Electronic Behavior in Ceria-Stabilized Zirconia
    M.S., Penn State, Metals Science and Engineering, 1988
       Thesis: A Study of Electrical Properties in Polymer-Carbon Composites
    B.A., Rice University, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 1983

    8/11-present    Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UNT
    8/07-12/09        Interim Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UNT
    2/07-present    Director, Texas Governor’s School, UNT
    5/07-8/11         Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UNT
    1/97-5/04         Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UNT
    1/95-1/97         Senior Scientist, Rothe Development, Inc., Armstrong Laboratories, Aberdeen 
                              Proving Ground, MD
    12/92-12-94    Office of Naval Technology Research Fellow, Naval Research Laboratory, 
                              Washington, D.C.

  • Research

    Research Interests

    • Supercritical Processing of semiconductor materials
    • Synthesis and characterization of novel porous ceramics for dielectric, sensor and energy applications
    • Ultra-low k dielectrics
    • Anti-bacterial films and wound care materials
    • Flexible body armor materials
    • Electron microscopy and small angle neutron scattering of silica aerogels
    • Properties of photochromic and thermochromic oxides
    • Transport and corrosion properties of high temperature ceramics
    • Liquefied gas-powered vehicles and power systems
  • Publications
    • B. P. Gorman, Rosa A. Orozco-Teran, Jodi A. Roepsch, Hanjiang Dong and Richard F. Reidy, High Strength, Low Dielectric Constant Fluorinated Silica Xerogel Films, App. Phys. Lett. 79 (2001) 4010-4012.
    • J. Quintanilla, R.F. Reidy, B.P. Gorman, D.W. Mueller, Gaussian Random Field Models of Aerogels, Journal of Applied Physics 93 (2003) 4584-9.
    • B.P. Gorman, R.A. Orozco-Teran, Z. Zhang, P.D. Matz, D.W. Mueller, and R.F. Reidy, Rapid Repair of Plasma Ash Damage in Low-k Dielectrics Using Supercritical CO2, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 22, 3 (2004) 1210-1212
    • Hanjiang Dong, B.P. Gorman, Zhengping Zhang, R.A. Orozco-Teran, J.A. Roepsch, D.W. Mueller, M.J. Kim, R. F. Reidy, Reinforcement Mechanism for Mechanically-Enhanced Xerogel Films, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 350 (2004) 345-350.
    • P.D. Matz and R.F. Reidy, Supercritical CO2 Applications in BEOL Cleaning, Solid State Phenomena 103-104 (2005) 315-322
    • Hanjiang Dong, Richard F. Reidy, and John D. Brennan, Shrinkage and Springback Behavior of Methylsilsesquioxanes Prepared by an Acid/Base Two-Step Processing Procedure, Chemistry of Materials, 17, 24 (2005) 6012 – 6017
    • H. Dong, Z. Zhang, M-H Lee, D.W. Mueller, R.F. Reidy, Sol-Gel Polycondensation of Methyltrimethoxysilane in Ethanol Studied by 29Si NMR Spectroscopy Using a Two-Step Acid-Base Procedure, Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 41 (2007) 11-17
    • R.F. Reidy, Can Spin-on or CVD Porous Low-k Films Meet Future Integration Needs?, Future Fab International, 23 (2007) 95-98.
    • Souvik Banerjee, Richard F. Reidy, and Laura B. Rothman, Cryogenic Aerosols and Supercritical Fluid Cleaning, Handbook of Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning Technology, 2nd edition, Editors: Werner Kern, Karen Reinhardt, 2007
  • Professional Experience
    • Sematech Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference, Organizing Committee, (2008-present)
    • International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Front End Processes- Surface Preparation Technical Working Group  (2003-present)
    • Co-Chair Interconnect Surface Preparation Focus Team  (2005-present)
    • Testimony-US House subcommittee on the role of nanotechnology in the US (2003)
    • Metroplex Research Consortium for Electronic Devices and Materials, Steering Committee (2002-present)
  • Honors and Awards
    • Johns Hopkins University-Applied Physics Laboratory, Physical Science Invention of the Year Flexible Body Armor (2004)
    • Semiconductor Research Corporation Summer Faculty Fellow (2001)
    • University of North Texas Summer Research Fellow (1998, 1999, 2000)
    • Council for Advancement and Support of Education Award of Excellence (1998)
    • Office of Naval Technology Postdoctoral Fellow (1992-1994)
    • Mining and Mineral Resources Research Institute Fellow (1990-1992)
  • Groups