Michael I Baskes

Michael I Baskes
Distinguished Research Professor
Member of National Academy of Engineering
Discovery Park E110
  • Education

    Ph.D. Materials Science with minors in Physics and Economics, California Institute of Technology, 1970

    B.S. Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 1965

  • Research

    Scientific  Accomplishments and Expertise:

    Development of the Embedded Atom Method (EAM): this semi-empirical atomistic method has become the standard mode of calculation for complex  applications in materials science.  Well over 100 groups are currently using  this method and its variations worldwide.

    Development of atomistic models to predict the behavior of helium in metals: these models and their application have led to the understanding of the phenomena of low temperature helium embrittlement.  The calculations have strongly affected research and technology in the areas of fission, fusion, and nuclear weapons materials.

    Development of a model to explain hydrogen isotope recombination: application of this pioneering research led to the realization that tritium inventory in fusion reactors was a potential technological problem.  This model along with the computer code DIFFUSE-83 has been a mainstay of the fusion reactor materials community.

    Professional competence areas:

    • Alloy phase stability; Magnetic behavior; Fracture toughness
    • Empirical and semi-empirical potential development for metals and semiconductors
    • Diffusion and trapping of hydrogen isotopes; Hydrogen embrittlement  
    • Helium behavior in metals and metal hydrides
    • Hydrogen isotope molecular recombination
    • Plasma/first wall hydrogen isotope recycling in fusion reactors
    • Interfaces and grain boundaries
    • Atomistic calculations of dislocations in metals
    • Brittle and ductile fracture
    • Microsegregation in welding
  • Publications

    273 journal publications, book chapters, and conference proceedings, which have been cited 31378 times. 

    The initial publication relating to the Embedded Atom Method has had 7017 citations. 

    Five publications have had over 1000 citations apiece and 45 publications have had over 100 citations apiece. (Google Scholar 5/2019)

  • Professional Experience

    Mississippi State University, 2013 - Research Professor and Special Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development

    Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2011- Laboratory Associate-Fellow        

    University of North Texas, Denton, 2013-2018 -  Adjunct Professor

    University of California, San Diego, 2008-2018 -  Adjunct Professor

    Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1999-2008 - Technical Staff Member / Laboratory Fellow

    Sandia National Laboratories, 1969-1999               

    Editor-in-chief: Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 1992-2005

  • Honors and Awards

    John and Fannie Hertz Foundation Fellowship, 1965-70

    Member of National Academy of Engineering (2012)

    Fellow of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (2004)

    Fellow Institute of Physics (2002)

    Fellow of Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Sigma Xi

    DOE Basic Energy Sciences Award for Sustained Outstanding Research:
    Development of the Embedded Atom Method (EAM)

    DOE Basic Energy Sciences Award for Sustained Outstanding Research:
    Atomistic Studies of Helium in Metals

    DOE Basic Energy Sciences Hall of Fame