Undergraduate Degree Audit

What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is an official contract between you and the University. It lists all the courses needed to complete your chosen degree and shows how all the courses you have completed are being applied toward your degree. You must have a degree audit on file in order to graduate.

When should you get a degree audit?

You should request a degree audit after you have chosen a major and a minor, and completed approximately 45 hours of coursework. A transfer student should request a degree audit during his or her first semester at UNT. A student seeking secondary teacher certification may request a degree audit after completing approximately 30 hours of coursework.

How to get a degree audit

Step 1:

Contact the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, indicating that you are requesting a degree audit.

Step 2:

Obtain the following documents:

  • A complete copy of all UNT transcripts
  • An evaluated copy of transcripts from all transfer institutions attended (evaluated means the transcripts have been processed by UNT's Office of the Registrar and show the number of hours accepted)
  • If you have transfer work, a catalog or catalog description of the courses you have completed

All transcripts may be ordered at the UNT Office of the Registrar. You may pick them up or have them sent via inter-campus mail to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Step 3:

Request an appointment with your advisor, and bring your transcripts with you. You and your faculty advisor will determine how completed courses will be used toward your major and which additional courses should be taken to complete the program.

Step 5:

Your advisor will send the advisory sheet and transcripts to the Office of Student Advising.

Step 6:

The Office of Student Advising will begin processing your degree audit when they receive the necessary documents. A copy of the degree audit will be mailed to your permanent address (unless otherwise specified) and they will send a separate copy to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The original will be kept on file in the College of Engineering Office of Student Advising.

It is your responsibility to update each semester's progress on your copy of the degree plan. You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a departmental advisor if you feel you need assistance.

See the College of Engineering’s degree audit page for more information.