MTSE Professors Recognized For CENG Research

Congratulations to Dr. Diana Berman and Dr. Zhenhai Xia for their recent research awards! These awards have helped UNT MTSE department reach a record year for department research funding. Dr. Berman received a $76,603 award to develop an understanding and prediction of Couple Stress-Induced Evolution of Nanoscale Materials Interfaces. This award was granted by University of California and Mercedes. Dr. Zhenhai Xia received a $398,335 award to research the Electromechanics of Bioinspired Surface Switchable Nanocomposites. This award was granted by the National Science Foundation.

Congratulations to Dr. Berman and Dr. Xia once again!

Dr. Diana Berman
Material Science and Engineering
Dr. Zhenhai Xia
Material Science and Engineering