Laboratory for Moving Mechanical Assemblies

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» Congratulations to Victor Ageh, a PhD candidate, for receiving a one year $5,000 scholarship from The Jane and Frank Warchol Scholarship Fund of the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) Foundation. (Read More)

» Dr. Thomas Scharf and co-authors have been named the 2011 recipients of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers' Al Sonntag Award for the researchers' paper on a novel nanocomposite coating. (Read More)

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Dr. Thomas Scharf has worked at UNT as an assistant professor, and now associate professor, in materials science and engineering since 2005. His group main research interests are:

• Physical and chemical vapor (atomic layer) deposition of ceramic and metallic nanostructured thin films for moving mechanical assemblies, such as bearings, gears, MEMS and orthopedic implants;
• Processing, structure, and property interrelationships of functionally graded metal-ceramic and ceramic-ceramic hybrid composites;
• Studying the fundamental mechanisms of friction, wear, and lubrication of sliding and rolling interfaces by electron microscopy, vibrational spectroscopy and atom probe tomography techniques;
• In situ chemical diagnostic tribology of dry and lubricated contacts using Raman spectroscopy.