Graduate Financial Assistance

UNT offers more than 38,000 students many opportunities on campus and beyond. Students can find assistance with locating career openings, student employment, internships and financial assistance through the UNT Career Center, the Office of Internships and Co-Ops, and the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office.  Additional information on how to pay for college can be found through the Toulouse Graduate School.

Students can also seek information about available internship and career options by speaking with their academic advisors or faculty mentors. These faculty and staff members can often provide insight into industry-specific opportunities.

Financial Aid

The University of North Texas provides a traditional college experience and the quality of a private university at an affordable cost. The university has been named one of America's 100 Best College Buys® for 22 consecutive years.

UNT is committed to helping students manage the cost of their education. About 75 percent of UNT students receive financial aid and scholarships, totaling more than $360 million annually. This includes more than $46 million in scholarships. Types of financial aid students receive include:

  • Scholarships — funds awarded based on merit and/or need; no repayment required
  • Grants — funds awarded based on need; no repayment required
  • Loans — funds that must be repaid at some point

Financial advising

MTSE graduate advisors can discuss financial aid and assistantship options with you. The Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office also offers many resources to help students better understand their financial options.

Have a specific question? Visit AskUNT to find answers.


The Toulouse Graduate School has several scholarship and fellowship opportunities, for which qualified students are encouraged to apply.

The MTSE department also offers the following scholarships to qualified students, and applications for each are reviewed throughout the year:

Graduate Assistantship Tuition Scholarship (GATS)
A number of GATS tuition scholarships are available each year, which will cover all tuition and mandatory fees. No application form is needed from applicants. The department will select nominees based on merit and seek approval from the college and the Toulouse Graduate School.
Syed Ian Masood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

The Syed Ian Masood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering is a privately funded scholarship by Dr. Sharmin Masood, the sister of former UNT student Syed Ian Masood of the Materials Science and Engineering (MTSE) Department. The Scholarship will be awarded twice a year (at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters respectively) with a total support of $1000 to an outstanding MTSE graduate student. In order to be qualified for application, the student must be enrolled as a full-time MTSE graduate student and has shown a need of financial support.

Application due: September 15, 2017

Materials Science and Engineering Student Scholarship

The Department Materials Science and Engineering at the University of North Texas offers competitive scholarships in the amount of $1000 or $500 per academic year divided over the fall and spring semesters. Entering for awards competitively enables students to register with in-state tuition. Students applying for the scholarships must be pursuing a degree in Materials Science and Engineering at UNT.

Application due: September 15, 2017