GradTrack Program


The application for the 2016 MTSE GradTrack program is now open. The deadline of application is Feb. 19, 2016.

The MTSE GradTrack program is designed for outstanding undergraduates to finish Bachelor and Master degrees in an accelerated way. Students admitted to the program will be automatically admitted to the MTSE MS program and allowed to take up to three graduate level elective courses to replace their two UG electives and one core course (under the condition they are in the same subject). These nine credits will be doubly counted in both BS and MS degrees. We currently have had four students in the MTSE GradTrack program since our first launch last year.


How does the "Grad Track" work: 

1. Student applies for the Grad Track option in the junior year (completed at least 75 credit hours with GPA of 3.3 or higher). Deadline of application Feb. 19, 2016.

2. After the application is approved and the applicant has completed at least 90 credit hours, he/she can start taking the graduate elective courses (MTSE5200, MTSE5300, MTSE5400, MTSE5070, MTSE5620, MTSE5560, MTSE5520, MTSE5610, and MTSE5710) as replacement of the two electives and one core course (must be the same subject) toward the Bachelor degree requirement. For the graduate courses to be counted for the MS degree later, the student should get B or above for the courses.

3. The student applies to Toulouse Graduate School within the first semester of the senior year. Once the student satisfied all coursework for BS degree and maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA, he/she will be fully admitted to the MS program.

4. The students must enroll in graduate school in the long semester after finishing his/her BS degree and should take the remaining graduate courses in the following year(s) to complete his/her MTSE-MS degree. If the student did not enroll in graduate school in the long semester after finishing his/her BS degree, those graduate course credit hours cannot be counted anymore for the MS degree even if the student comes back for graduate school in the future.


Eligibility: to apply for the Grad Track option, the student needs to meet the following criteria:

1. Student must be a major in UNT Materials Science and Engineering BS program.

2. Student can apply for the Grad Track option from his/her junior year (completed at least 75 credit hours, a benchmark is if the student is ready for MTSE Senior Design in the following Fall semester).

3. Minimum of 3.3 or higher cumulative GPA required at the time of application submission.


How to apply:

1. Fill the following part of this form.

2. Attach a copy of unofficial UNT transcripts

3. Attach two recommendation letters from MTSE faculty members

4. Submit the signed application form, a personal statement, a copy of unofficial transcripts, two recommendation

letters to the MTSE office.


Application for GradTrack Program