Dr. Scharf and co-authors recipients of the STLE Al Sonntag Award

Thomas Scharf, Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MTSE) and co-authors are the 2017 recipients of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Al Sonntag Award.  UNT MTSE Alumnus, Dr. Hamidreza Mohseni, far left, now at Bosch Brake Components LLC, is also a recipient of the award.  The Sonntag Award honors society member authors of the best paper about solid lubricants.  The paper, “Tribological Performance and Coating Characteristics of Sputter Deposited Ti-Doped MoS2 in Rolling and Sliding Contact,” was published in the journal Tribology Transactions.  The lead authors are from the University of Akron and Timken Co., pictured above. The award was presented at the 72nd STLE Annual Conference held in Atlanta, GA. 

Recipients of the 2017 STLE Al Sonntag Award (L to R): Hamidreza Mohseni, Kalyan Mutyala, Harpal Singh, Gary Doll, Ali Erdermir (STLE President presenting the award), Ryan Evans, and Thomas Scharf.