Welcome to our Department

The faculty and staff of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering welcome you to our department.  We hope that your visit to our web page is informative whether you are simply browsing to learn more about us or whether you are interested in our degree programs, our areas of research expertise or our excellent facilities.  We are currently experiencing considerable growth as a department and it is an exciting time at the University of North Texas.  We pride ourselves on having a collegial, open door environment where student development is a primary focus. We are first and foremost an educational institution and students are our number one priority.

Our department transitioned from the College of Arts and Sciences to join the new College of Engineering at UNT in 2003 and we moved to the UNT Discovery Park in 2004.  Since that time, we have undergone numerous transitions.  For example, we started a Bachelor of Science degree, and have graduated several batches of undergraduate students.  We believe that there is a significant market for this new degree among Texas students and the rapid growth of our undergraduate program confirms that this is indeed the case.    Our graduate program continues to grow as well. 

We now have 19 faculty members with expertise in metals, ceramics, polymers, electronic materials and computational materials science.  Please check out our top notch facilities available in the various faculty laboratories and groups.  You will see from the faculty webpages that our faculty are World Class!  Our state of the art tools provide faculty and students an opportunity to “set themselves apart” by developing skill sets that are desired by future employers in industry, federal laboratories and academia.

On the research front, the faculty are using our unique facilities to pursue a number of exciting topics including advanced structural materials, materials for conventional and alternative energy sources, fire-resistant and low permeability polymer nanocomposites, novel materials for chemical and biological sensors, microelectronics, optoelectronics, MEMS and NEMS, biomaterials, etc.  As previously mentioned, we pride ourselves on having a collegial, open door environment where student development is our number one priority.  To this end, we strive to offer competitive research stipends to our graduate students as well as challenging and rewarding research projects that range from theoretical to applied.  Our location in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex provides a wide variety recreational activities and professional opportunities.  Our faculty and students have access to numerous companies who provide support in the form of research grants, student internship opportunities and, ultimately, jobs for our students.  Our goal is to provide interested students opportunities to work with these companies while they work towards their degrees.

In closing, we again welcome you.  Please take the time to check us out and, should you have questions or want to come for a visit, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Although we may be relatively new, the visibility of our program has grown tremendously due to the dedication of our outstanding faculty, staff, students and state of the art facilities.  We hope that you will experience the excitement that exists as you roam the halls of our department or the pages of this site.   Finally, if you are a potential student, we encourage you to become part of our team as we continue to enhance our reputation of developing students that achieve excellence in their education and training, which in turn gives them the tools necessary to be competitive in all of their future endeavors.